Christian Education

First United Methodist Church strives to have it's Christian Education Programming to be inclusive, engaging, diverse, well-staffed, well planned, and inviting.

All of our programs are open to anyone. 

The Mission of our Christian Education Programming is twofold:
  •   To bring the Family back to our Church Family, and
  •   To provide age appropriate Christian Education to all.

The Purpose of our Christian Education Programming is:

  • To open younger children's minds to the world of Christ,
  • To help transition Middle school students into their teen years while remaining true to bible lessons,
  • To be relevant to High school students and help them navigate their lives through the word of Jesus,
  • To provide spiritual balance to young adults, and
  • To incorporate the Family into all ministries and be a place they want to belong.

Please explore all that our Christian Education programming has to offer, by clicking on the Links to the right.  God Bless!